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2012-08-25 04:28 pm
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Praise A Muse Meme | Logan's Thread

(Okay, so it's just Scott right now. But I am sitting here working on a tag and GIDDY like I haven't been in YEARS about RP. The world needs to know this, okay?)
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2012-08-20 04:22 pm

Holding Patterns.

[Immediately follows this thread. Storm is [ profile] the_windrider and used with permission.]

"The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do themselves." – Abraham Lincoln

Logan follows his nose and the scent of ozone and rain to the greenhouse. He can hear her inside, even from fifty feet away, humming a tune he doesn't recognize. For such a big guy, he's stealthy and quiet – like his namesake. Most enemies never hear him coming.

But she's not an enemy. )
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2012-08-07 07:57 pm
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"Logan. Start talkin'."